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How Do Animals in the Rainforest Hide From Their Predators?

i Ablestock.com/AbleStock.com/Getty Images

With a number of deadly snakes and other beasts living in the rainforest, smaller animals have learned a few tricks to stay alive. Whether that means camouflaging themselves or being speedy on their feet, these animals have learned a number of techniques to hide from their predators.


Some animals and reptiles use camouflage to help them blend into their environment so they go undetected. Some reptiles can even change colors, but most of them -- like many animals in the rainforest -- are colored to blend into a specific background. For example, the coloring of some small rodents makes them hard to spot against the ground.


Small animals and reptiles may choose to burrow in order to escape their predators. The ground of the rainforest is soft enough to allow for easy digging, and the thick smell of moist earth makes it harder for predators to sniff them out. If there isn't enough time to burrow, animals may also seek refuge in hollow logs, under leaves or in small crevices where predators can't reach.

In the Tree Tops

Rainforest animals with climbing skills will usually seek refuge in the tree tops. This is true of many species of monkeys and larger rodents. Because the trees are so densely packed, it can be hard for predators to see their prey from the ground. Some animals that choose to hide in the tree tops also find their food source in the trees in the form of fruit and insects that live in tree bark, which means they may never have to leave the safety of the trees.


Animals and reptiles that are fast on their feet may also hide from the predators by staying one step ahead of them. Small rodents and reptiles are especially blessed with this defense method. Small animals that live on the ground of the rainforest can easily feel the tremors of an approaching predator and will scurry away to seek refuge.